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This mini has been created as a gift. The idea poped into my mind in january, as I found the Predastore website.

The miniature is simply amazing! So much details in the sculpt, all well rendered with a very good quality cast. I think it deserves at least a descent painting job and a nice base :)

I wanted the mini to be very high in the air, to strengthen the feel of Predator’s agility. To do so I had to remove carefully the hand of the beast from the original scuplted piece of wood. It was scary but I’ve managed to remove the tiny thing without damaging it, yeah!

About the mini

Name : Chasing Hunter

Scale : 28 mm

Sculptor : Remy Tremblay

Produced by : Predastore



You are one ugly motherfucker



The diorama is inspired from the first movie “Predator”, when Arnold Schwarzenegger found out that Predator can’t see him properly when he is covered with mud… So I wanted him to blend in the background.

I’ve build the base from wood and cork. Added some Vine to create lianas. Schwarzenegger is simply a conversion of a W40k Catachan Jungle Fighter from the Imperial Guard. I had to remove his bandana, correct his chin and sculpt some fresh new airs to have him closer to Arnold.

As I said, this miniature was made as a gift for a very special someone that loves the movie (we used to watch it together during our youth). I hope he liked the thing ;)


Finished Miniature

Step by step

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