Gobs and Trojan Egg

Posted on May 9, 2012 in Blog, Gallery, Miniatures | 0 comments


Goblins are creative and vicious creatures and they are pretty sure to have discovered the ultimate weapon… A Trojan Egg in which you can hide a Gob and then potentially attack the infamous Howlibird

This small diorama was built as an entry to a contest organized by the Massive Voodoo team. The main idea was being creative around Easter using a chicken Egg.

The minis are obviously coming from W40k line (very old minis given to me by a very generous friend), the egg support is made out of a converted canon. Everything else is hand crafted using balsa, various wood, cork, plastic card and tubes. Finally, the crane basis is made out of a “light saber” toy coming from a Kellogg’s box.

It was for me an opportunity to try my brand new Airbrush with salt weathering technique and to exercise myself at egg blowing ;)

I’ve added bellow some pictures taken at various steps during the process


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