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During the last week-end I had the opportunity to attend to a painting workshop in Payerne (Switzerland) given by the french painter  Jérémie Bonamant Teboul, one of the finest miniature painter on earth (and probably universe) :)

This painting week-end was organized by the FMP club which I didn’t know before. I took the occasion to join the club also.

We had the pleasure and the great honor to paint a brand new creation of Allan Carrasco, “Aahl“:


A picture of Allan’s master received by email a few days before the workshop

The miniature is very well sculpted (who would have doubted that knowing Allan’s talent?) and the resin cast is beautiful. I love the overall look of it and I was very excited to get to start painting it.


 Et maintenant on va voir la technique du “Smooch Smooch”



Jérémie in the middle of a demonstration

The painting class was organized in such a way that Jérémie usually started with a demo and then gave us time to practice on our own. Correcting our mistakes when necessary.

At anytime we could bring our work back to him to get advices and critics. Sometimes, he asked us to bring our own palette also, so he could paint directly on our mini, demonstrating the technique.

There was almost no theory given, focusing on practice rather than a more “academic” approach. In the end I found this practical approach very good! We all were kinda “advanced” painters and I feel that theory can be learned from books but practice obviously can’t!

As Jérémie paints at least 3 to 4 times faster than the quickest of us, he did work in parallel on other minis. Wow, he painted four (!) during the week-end while no one of us was able to simply finish “Aahl” by sunday evening… The great thing about joggling with miniatures is that it allowed him to make some extra demos also (covering other topics less specific to Aahl).

The stage covered mainly the following topics:

  • Assembling, Basecoat, Focus points
  • Wet blending (amazing technique)
  • Skin
  • Wood
  • Details painting
  • Base

With extra demos:

  • Metal (TMMTrue Metalic Metal)
  • Tissue “Drapé”
  • Fire (OSLObject Source Lighting)
  • Snow on base
  • Metal weathering
  • Marble

The week-end was also a chance to buy some miniatures from Jérémie’s line Figone:


I did buy a few of them :)


To conclude, let’s simply say that this week-end was somehow a revelation for me. I’ve learned more in 24 hours with Jérémie than in months of painting alone. Furthermore it was such a pleasure to meet and get to know him! This is also true for all the members of the club! I will definitely try to go there again whenever possible



The finished “Aahl”

I took time at home to finish the mini after the workshop. I’m glad to have this nice little guy in my cabinet:

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