My name is Vincent, I’m at the beginning of my thirties and I live in Switzerland. I’ve been painting miniatures since the age of 14 (as far as I can remember) and I’ve started to draw before that.

This doesn’t mean that I’m a good at what I do but simply that I like it enough to continue…

My main motivation comes from Fantasy worlds and I read a lot about them. I’ve always been very intrigued by imaginary places filled with unordinary creatures. In the end, I think that painting miniaturesdrawing and taking photos is simply a good way for me to have fun by playing with my creativity .

Pourquoi en Anglais?

Dans le but de rendre le contenu plus accessible j’ai décidé de rédiger principalement en Anglais. Cela ne signifie pas qu’il n’y aura plus jamais d’articles en Français mais ces derniers resteront sans doute sporadiques.

Contenu en Français


This website is a good way for me to share my illustrations, miniatures paintings, photographies and to gather feedback or advices


What do I do?

I am someone with cycling hobbies. In other words, I generally can’t stick to one thing. Despite that, it seems that the circle of my hobbies is closed and contains: Miniatures painting, drawing (traditional and digital) and photography. Ok that is not true, it also contains other stuff like aviation or role playing games plus a bunch of other stuff but that is another story…


The tools

Just in case you would care to know

Working place

My tiny working place

I do live in a very small flat so unfortunately I don’t have much space to work. I’ve somehow created a small “working place” in a corner. This is not very huge but at least I’ve everything I need at the same place.


I do use mainly Games Workshop and Vallejo Model Color paints. They are both excellent and complementary.


I do use mainly a  Raphael 8404 brush (size 1 is my favourite) . They are excellent brushes and do the job very well. When it comes to effects (dry brush) or big scenery paintings I do work with the whole Games Workshop range of brushes too.


I try, whenever it is possible to buy my stuff at local stores:

  • Xenomorphe (Lausanne) Minis, paint, tools, roleplaying board and card games.
  • Le spéci@liste (Fribourg) Minis, paint, tools, airbrush and hobby


Nothing very useful to say here. I use paper and pen :)


Wacom Intuos3 – A5

My favourite digital artist is Feng Zhu. I’ve bought all his DVDs and I’ve found them very useful to learn the basics.

Hardware: I use two Wacom tablets, depending on the situation:

  • Intuos2 – A4 (big size, old model)
  • Intuos3 – A5 (smaller, more recent)

Software: Photoshop, Painter


I’ve not done 3D for a while and I lack of experience. Hope to get back and train later on.

Software: 3Ds Max and Zbrush


Canon 7D + 15-85mm

Since 2011 I own and use a Canon 7D camera.


  • Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM + a polarizer filter: B&W KSM C-POL Slim MRC
  • Canon 50mm 1.8 II
  • Canon 16-35mm 2.8 USM II
  • Canon 70-200mm 2.8 USM II


All the post production work is done using Adobe Lightroom switching to Photoshop only when needed.

Any question or remark?